Fun Small Micro-Excursions, Inflatable Paddleboard Rentals with Free Delivery in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Paddleboard Micro-cursions
Starting at $69 p/Guest

-Perfect for 2 to 3 People
-Start The Day Getting Picked-up
Then Taken For a Morning Paddle

Starting at $73 p/Guest

See Spectacular Natural Wonders!
Starting at $73 p/Guest

Paddleboard Rentals
w/Delivery and Pickup

No Hassle, No Strapping To Your Car,
Everything Shows Up To You!

What started in 2019 as taking visiting friends paddleboarding with my extra boards to the local lakes, sharing the beautiful vistas and unique history that Mammoth Lakes holds. After repeatedly hearing “We had so much fun! You should make a business out of this!” has become a small privately owned “Micro-cursion” business ‘The Little Guy Business’. Let MAMMOTH EXPERIENCES share it’s passion for the outdoors while also sharing the interesting facts about the area with a friendly interpretive guide that lives and loves Mammoth Lakes.


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